The Story

“Put Your Name Here”

Such a simple phrase, is it not?

This is the name of a project that was originally given birth in 2009 while I worked on my BFA Thesis show at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Since my exhibition was anything but ordinary (three large portraits and then three accompanying books) I did not want to go with the standard approach of displaying my name in the gallery. Everyone generally puts their names and the name of their show on their wall via stencils that they rub the ink onto the wall. Not only would that have gone terrible for me because I wouldn’t have gotten it straight, but it also wouldn’t have been true to me. I’m a photographer, and what better way to capture myself than to photograph myself.

So that is what I did.


Accompanied by my creative partner, I was photographed standing in what is essentially known as the heart of downtown Columbus: the intersection of High & Broad St. I feel at home downtown. I may be from a small town, but I am definitely most comfortable in the city…so that is where I wanted to photograph myself. Where I am comfortable, in my natural setting. The idea to put my name on a piece of board and hold it came simply because how else was I supposed to display my name? From this stemmed a whole line of thinking that brought on this project.